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Your New Home Office:
Design and Renovation Tips


Your home office is more than just a spot in your house where you work. It’s where you generate ideas, prosper your business, and earn your living. Without a well thought out space, your mindset and productivity can suffer. For these reasons, Carolinas Dream Team offers the following ideas: 


Consider Location

Just because you do not work out of a brick-and-mortar office does not mean you do not have to worry about your home business's location. Think of how many items and how much equipment you need to meet your customers’ needs, as well as what arrangement will lead to optimal efficiency and comfort. That way, you know how much space your home business requires.


Furthermore, carefully plan where to set up your office in your home. You may not want to position your headquarters in a part of your house that gets a lot of foot traffic if you're easily distracted. If you'll welcome customers and clients into your space, consider how you want them to enter, leave and navigate their way through your home. You may even want to build or establish a small waiting area for customers and clients.


Sometimes your new workspace is right in front of you; perhaps your garage could be appropriately converted, or your formal dining area is just collecting dust. Think through areas in your home that have the elbow room you need but don’t get a lot of use on a routine basis.


Of course, another option is adding on space. Perhaps you have space for a shed that could house your work, or a bump out would provide enough room. Get prices and estimates for whatever solution you’re considering so you can gauge what will be your most practical solution. 


And if you simply can’t figure out how to make it work, it might be time to consider upsizing to a larger house. If that is the solution you’re considering, Your Richest Life suggests thinking about things like how your goals will be impacted and what your priorities are.


Home Buying Basics


Sometimes buying a home is the most practical solution to adding space. Do not forget the common steps involved with buying a home, such as figuring out how much house you can afford, working with a real estate professional and getting loan preapproval with help from Carolinas Dream Team. They can help you sort out what’s available and coordinate that with both your business and personal priorities. After all, you do not want to have a fantastic business base but feel unsatisfied with other rooms and aspects of your home. Also, the sooner you tend to the homebuying basics, the faster you can get back to planning your company.


Select Decor That Supports Your Workflow

No matter which industry you work in, you need home office decor that sustains your productivity, creativity and inspiration. Bring in warm, natural light with large open windows in your workspace. EcoWatch points out that adding potted plants can be good for your mindset, so think about a few near your work area. If your job comes with a lot of stress, consider decorating your home office with natural materials or adding wooden walls. 


Optimize Light and Minimize Noise

Your home office must have proper lighting, which can reduce eye fatigue and headaches. You may work in a better mood when you have plenty of natural light spilling in near your desk, which can release endorphins. Establish a balance of natural, overhead and lamp light in your office, so you can easily control the amount of luminescence flooding your space.


While you want to bring a lot of light into your home office, you likely want to block off as much noise as you can. If you live with other people or have pets or kids, installing a solid core door for your home-based business helps to minimize noise.

While it's convenient to establish your business in your home, you must design and construct the spacewith utmost care. Put these tips to good use, and work with the experienced realtors of Carolinas Dream Team to find and develop the most productive home office space possible.


Photo: Pexels